Vote for Donnie Harrison

Donnie Harrison

This is Donnie Harrison asking for your vote in the May 17 Primary.

You've seen what has happened in the Wake County Sheriff's Office over the past few years, and you know this cannot continue.

I have the experience and the drive to get things back on track, and you can read my plan at donnieharrison.com. I've dedicated my life to public safety and would be honored to serve as your Sheriff one more time.

Remember, unaffiliated voters must request the Republican ballot! Registered Rs will get it automatically.


For a safer Wake County, vote Donnie Harrison on May 17th (or during early voting this week)!

Steve Bergstrom

Steve Bergstrom

Steve Bergstrom is a dedicated husband, father of four, veteran of the Air Force and Captain for a major U.S. airline. Steve’s father, a retired police officer, taught him to respect and admire the men and women that wear the uniform. Steve will bring back respect for Wake County school’s SROs, and make school safety a top priority when elected. He brings the experience and leadership needed in our elected representatives.

Chad Stall.jpeg

Chad Stall

My name is Chad Stall.  I am a father, son, husband, entrepreneur, coach, employer, former franchisee for one of the oldest franchises, choreographer, dancer, and a big fan of DIY projects.  I am ready to fight for the future of our children and our country.

In July of 2012 I was blessed with the news I was going to be a father.  I felt terrified and extremely happy all in the same moment.  Once March 2013 came and my son Sebastian was born, life changed.  The first moment you hold your child in your arms is such a glorious experience. In that moment everything changed.  I instantly starting to feel mortal, and realized how special life truly is.  Parents work 24 hours a day to protect their children.  I believe, our very first lesson in parenting is keeping our children alive.  We wake up every two hours to check on them, feed them, and change them.  Parents do this while we go to work or feel exhausted, and we do it with no “thank you” from our children.  Parents teach their children about compassion, love, empathy, and acceptance.